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Where to eat in La Morra? First part

So, let’s start from the essentials 😀 Since La Morra is my “second home”- I work there – one of the most important things to know to survive is : Where can i eat ? Here you are some tips about the best restaurants in town! ( Since there are so many good ones, you’ll find another article about it, the “second part”).

Osteria More e Macine

Osteria More e Macine is where everyone in La Morra goes for a glass o wine – wide selection! , to have a quick lunch or a big dinner, everything! The atmosphere is friendly, traditional food, informal setting, you’ll feel like home! Open every day, for lunch and for dinner. P.s. The kitchen is open in the afternoon too (very rare in Piedmont), so if you arrive late with the flight at 4 pm at More e Macine you can eat! And it’s in the centre of La Morra!

2 . Osteria Veglio

It’s called “Osteria” but it’s a proper, elegant and high-quality restaurant. They have an interesting and large Menù, that includes the typical recipes from the Langhe region. BUT you must know that Osteria Veglio is one of the best spot to eat Fish in tha Langhe, don’t miss it if you’re tired of eating piedmontese kitchen! It’s 5 minutes far from the centre, in the “Annunziata” district of La Morra. Closed on Sunday and on Monday. A suggestion? Book in advance!

3. Locanda Fontanazza

A cosy small restaurant with a fantastic view of the town of La Morra. Friendly atmosphere, interesting and original Menù, you’ll find some typical dish beside to some unusual pairing. Pay specific attention to the wine list, that includes several small wineries not easy to find elsewhere. Good to know : they also own some room on the floor above the restaurant! Closed on monday and on tuesday.

Did you enjoy the reading? So let’s read “Where to eat in La Morra- Second part”!