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Where to eat in La Morra? Second part

  1. Osteria del Vignaiolo

Osteria del Vignaiolo is not a formal restaurant, nor an informal “trattoria”: it’s a cosy restaurant with a familiar atmosphere. The owner is extremely kind and gentle, the menù is wide and varied, and it’s amazing that you can choose every course in the tasting menù ( very rare!). Fair prices, both for the food and for the wine. Do you want another reason to go to Osteria del Vignaiolo? They have rooms on the floor above the restaurant (very fair prices too!). Closed on wednesday and on tuesday.

2. L’eremo della Gasprina

L’Eremo della Gasprina is now managed by a young couple : Giulia, waitress and sommelier, and Simone, chef. They raised the level of the restaurant a lot, that before was more a “trattoria”. Now they offer a wide and interesting menù that includes tradiotinal and innovative recipes – fish and BBq courses are great! The wine list is amazing if you think they have just opened – March 2019! Do you need some other reason to go there? Here you go! 1. the AMAZING view on the Langhe’s hills, 2. The beautiful rooms they have on the floor above the restaurant, 3. Prices are so fair! Closed only on tuesday.

3. Ristorante Bovio

I’m proud to introduce you the most historical, legendary restaurant of La Morra : Bovio! This restaurant opened around 100 years ago in the main square of La Morra, Piazza Castello ( or Piazza Belvedere). The location has changed in time, but the view from the restaurant is still amazing! The Menù of Bovio is the most traditional you can find, for the Bovio family the respect of the traditions is everything! Good news for you, they family also own a winery ( as you can see in the picture). So, what more can you ask for? Closed on wednesday and on tueday. One more tip? Book in advance and ask for a table on the terrace.